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119FAQ 18: How can I change the last 5 digits of my Social Security number?5/26/20161753512820
121FAQ 20: How can I connect my profile to the Pitt-Profile?5/26/2016376910120
123[TOC]: HSConnect Frequently Asked Questions5/26/201652011844
144HSC-Passport Integration for users with or a UPMC Affiliate email registered in HSC2/6/2019233483
102FAQ 1: Why do I need an HSConnect Account in addition to all the other accounts I have?5/27/2016135879
104FAQ 3: How do I know if I already have an HSConnect account?5/26/2016114326
105FAQ 4: What happens if I create more than one account?5/27/2016114384
143HSC-Passport Integration for users registered with Pitt Alias, Student, or Pitt Alumni accounts2/6/2019143346
141HSC-Passport Integration for users with a Pitt Employee Record and a Pitt or non-UPMC email address2/6/2019173935
103FAQ 2: What does my HSConnect account log into?5/26/2016004906
106FAQ 5: I know I have more than one account. How can I find out what they are?5/27/2016001800
107FAQ 6: How can I get rid of the old accounts and use my latest email address?5/27/2016002655
108FAQ 7: How can I retrieve my password?3/24/2022001769
109FAQ 8: I have an old HSConnect account and its email doesn't work. How do I retrieve my password?5/26/2016002204
110FAQ 9: Why did i get an error while creating my account? How do I know what caused it?5/26/2016001674
111FAQ 10: How do I change my username?3/24/2022001785
112FAQ 11: Why did I receive an error when trying to change my username?5/26/2016002133
113FAQ 12: How do I change my password?3/24/2022002328
114FAQ 13: Why did I receive an error when trying to change my password?5/26/2016001382
115FAQ 14: Does my password change every so often like my others do?5/26/2016001410
116FAQ 15: Will changing my computer password change my HSConnect password?5/26/2016001507
117FAQ 16: I just got married. How can I change my last name in my profile?5/26/2016001836
118FAQ 17: Why is my old profile information showing on my Pitt account when I updated it on HSConnect?5/26/2016001638
120FAQ 19: How do I change my affiliation?5/26/2016022130
122FAQ 21: How do I get help if my HSConnect account will not work?5/26/2016012014
124Privacy Policy5/26/2016001012