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The Vincent Payment Solutions™ system uses the University’s Single Sign-On feature (SSO).
Go to this site:

  • Pitt employees - Send the following documentation as a pdf to: and then complete the required training.
    • User Access Request Form –  All fields are required, unless labeled optional. 
      • The form must be signed by the applicant and an Authorized Department signer.
      • Digital signatures are permitted. You can find direction on digital signatures here.
      • Approval for delegated Authorized Department signature is granted only by a VincentPay Director within Pitt’s Office of the Treasurer.
    • Pitt ID Copy, or if employed elsewhere, a copy of ID from that employer.
  • Non-Pitt employees - Must obtain a Pitt User ID before this process may begin. Access to Pitt’s Vincent Payment Solutions™ requires a sponsor and Pitt login ID to enable the PittPassport SSO with multifactor authentication. Must completet he required training once access is provided.
  • Please note: no one will be approved for Vincent Payment Solutions™ access until training is completed. 
  • Undergraduate students are not permitted access to Pitt’s Vincent Payment Solutions™ system

Logging In to theVincent Payment Solutions™ System

  • The Vincent Payment Solutions™ system uses the University’s Single Sign-On feature (SSO). To log in to the system, visit or search for the Vincent application from
  • Vincent Payment Solutions™ will redirect you to sign in with University of Pittsburgh. On the next screen, you will be required to authenticate using your Pitt credentials. If you were already authenticated in the browser you are using, SSO will automatically log you in to Vincent Payment Solutions™

Training Resources

Registration is automatic, the link with instructions to thetraining site will be provided to the candidate once the access documentationdescribed above is completed. No one will be approved for Vincent™ access untiltraining is completed. 

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