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If you are a new user, you will be able to link to your pitt-profile during the account creation process. For existing users, HSConnect will show the form to you, when you log in to this newer version of HSConnect. However, you can skip that step and return to it at a later time by clicking on the pitt-profile link which you will see in an information box on your profile page, until you have successfully linked your account.


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Go to and log in. You will be directed to your account information page. On the top blue bar, select “my profile”. On the right hand side is a yellow box with information on connecting to your Pitt Profile and a link to that section. Click on the “pitt-profile” link in the box. You will be directed to the “Link Account to Pitt-Managed Profile” form.


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Complete the details and hit on submit. HSConnect will tie your HSConnect account to your Pitt Payroll Information. Currently, this feature is available only for those who are a part of the University of Pittsburgh, Health Sciences payroll.
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